Mark Dennis DDS dental office

Dentistry For The Entire Family
Everyone deserves a perfect Hollywood smile, but does everyone want or can they afford a Hollywood smile? Not in my experience. We work to provide the dentistry that's right for you, and that means no pressure and never making you feel bad for the choices you make.

  • Experience
    Advanced training through residency; five day work-weeks for the past thirteen years; continuing education through courses and lectures. Dentistry is no part-time pursuit with us. Whether it's kids, dentures, implants, cosmetic makeovers, extractions or root canals, we've done it all, many times before.

  • A Community Standard
    Three owners now since the 1950's, like-minded in their dedication to the craft, have provided dental care to the north Oakland County community from the very same office on the corner of Dixie and Tindall. We're proud to be carrying on a tradition of unsurpassed skill and integrity.

  • Convenience
    Count on being seen on time. Your time is valuable and we pride ourselves on not keeping you waiting. Parking is easy, and the treatment rooms are just steps away from your parking space.

  • Technology
    What's new and what works are often two different things. There is nothing more disheartening than failure, and so we remain practical and avoid fads. Literature review should involve more than reading advertising claims and accepting anecdotal evidence as scientific fact; yet to many, that's all it amounts to. Trust us to move the profession forward, but not to rush to the "next big thing". You'll get the best that modern technology has to offer.

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